Academic sculptor Bojan Puklavec graduated on Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana.

In my biography I will not present statistical data (exhibitions, prizes), but rather focus on my existence. In my view, the point of existence is the new realization. I live slowly and take time to observe, think, find significance and in my way interpret felings of my experiences. I do not bother with past-depression, future-hysteria, but rather live consciously in present.

I have my way, which I carve alone. My path does not follow mainstream culture, I favour marginal, hard, dangerous paths, which are full of trials. I do not enforce my way on anyone!

I stopped learning, because I do not know about anything. As ignoramus I think and ask a lot. My inner guide-intuition is of great help to me, constantly allowing me to grasp the essence.

In art and life I do not compeete, as my wishes differ from others, with whom can i only supplement. My ideas are not great and spectacular. I am pleased with most simplest of the ideas and works as well as tend to stay away from boredom, self-deception, hazardous ambition, conformity, simulated life, ignorance and indifference. Emancipation, creativity, faitfulness to truth, singularity and equality are more important to me. Mostly I seek ethical undersanding of all creation. For me ethical understanding is that, which comes from realization, that the world will never be concluded as a whole and that truth of the world can not be tought of or determined. To be determined means to be imperfect.

I am attracted to infinity in which I do not see nothing finite. Infinity gives me freedom to create, possibility to exceed everyday expiriences, makes me calm, comforts me, gives me hope and zest for life.

"What more could the man achieve, than the reveal of God of the nature before him."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"When people would be born free, they would not form the definition of good and evil, until they would be free. For the sake of this is truthful learning of good and evil in us just abstract or general, and the judgement, which we create about order of things and connections of reasons to make determination possible, what in present is good or evil, is more imagined than real."